Since its foundation, in 1998, NUTRICONSULT has defined innovation strategy as its main principle, in order to face the challenges that agriculture and cattle breeding are facing in the XXI century.

These challenges include the development of technical and economical solutions to maximise the profitability of the farm, guaranteeing food quality and safety for consumers, respecting and contributing to an improvement in animal welfare, all this in perfect harmony with the ecological system in which farms are located.

With this philosophy in mind, we have established partnership agreements with top European research companies.

These partnerships enable innovative products and solutions to be developed that are adapted to the different climatic conditions and ecosystems in which the farms are situated.

In this way, it is possible to reduce the use of antibiotics in animal feed, minimising the risk of residues in livestock products, through the use of essential oils, organic acids and probiotics, reducing the levels of phosphorous, ammonia and other pollutants in farm effluents, through the rational use of nutrients. In short, maximising profits by reducing environmental contamination.

In the field of major crops, a better knowledge of plant physiology has allowed the use of products such as algae extracts to replace phytohormones, the use of elements with a higher degree of purity and greater absorption through the foliar tissues, allowing lower application doses and, therefore, a lower load of contaminants in the soil.

We believe that with our joint effort we can contribute to a more profitable agriculture and a green environment.

For all this, count on us for a greener environment.