Red Lite

– Unique mixture of diatomacees and silicates – Sharp microscopic edges with great adesivity – Adhers to metal cages, silos and storage boxes – More abrasive and effective than silica gel – Aprovado como aditivo alimentar

– Eliminates insects and mites by dissection without recourse to chemical pesticides – Does not induce resistance – Safe for the environment, animals and operators – No safety interval and risk of resistance

Dose of use
– Slight infestation: 20 gr per m2 – Severe infestation: 30 gr per m2 – Predict a second application about 6 weeks after the first – Apply only when all surfaces are dry (RED LITE is inactivated by moisture) – Use an applicator that allows electrostatic activation of the product for better adhesion to metal surfaces. – Circulate the egg collection straps immediately at fumigation.

25 Kg bags