SALGARD is a mixture of carboxylic acids and salts of
(propionic acid, ammonium formiate and ammonium propionate)

Main Benefits
– Feed hygiene and preservative
– Helps improve feed and plant biosecurity
– Thermostable, safe handling
– It can be added to raw materials and feed, as a decontaminating agent in the control of Salmonella, Campylobacter, E. coli and other gram – organisms.
– Contains propionic acid for the prevention of fungal development.
– Promotes the absorption of minerals, significantly improving the quality of eggshells.

Dose of use
Maintenance: 1 – 2 Kg per ton
Sensitive foods: 3 – 4 Kg per ton
Decontaminant: up to 8 Kg per ton

25 Kg bags